Every person is as much as his love is.

The biggest journey of a person, is to his own inner world.

People who don’t know themselves, don’t live their own lives.

Generally, we see others, but not ourselves. The only way to see yourself, is to look through other’s eyes.

The further you get from ‘I’ the world becomes larger, and the larger it becomes, the more alien it is.

There is a child even within the harshest person; just he needs to be awakened.

Most of the people who love themselves, in fact, do not love their true nature, but the image they created about themselves.

The truth of the world should be written in the language of science, while the truth of human being should be written in the language of philosophy.

The fate is written only once, but a person is given a chance to write on it again every time.

Better to share the tragedy of a wise person, rather than sharing the happiness of the ignorant.

By: Salahaddin Khalilov


Love is the body’s invasion by another spirit.

Beloved is the mirror that reflects the ideal that the lover created within himself.

Mind separates, while love unites.

Love is both the consequence and condition of moral perfection.

Every love has four seasons.

The love which is not cooled down by mind will evaporate.

Love is the victory of heart on mind.

Reasonable love is a part of life, while crazy love conquests the whole life.

Divine love arises from the union of love with the feeling of sacredness.  

Love removes the borders between reality and imagination.  

By: Salahaddin Khalilov

Abu Turkhan

One who doesn’t need to look for happiness, is the happy one.

A bad person who is, at the same time knowledgeable is more dangerous.

A person cannot see in another, something that is not existent in himself at least as an embryo.

Be yourself: then people who like you will find you and people who don’t like you will stay away.

Be a book, don’t open up to everyone. Let only those who understand, read you.

By: Salahaddin Khalilov