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Welcome to the BvOtech blog.

BvOtech provides consulting and training using the fusion of the best of Chinese and Western thinking, to help people and their companies to be successful.  As the world moves towards increasing uncertainties and diversities, a new kind of mindset is needed. The answer is in fact in the Chinese Classical Philosophies which are about achieving harmony and abundance from the synergy of diversities and change. The best of Western Management Thinking and Practices are then fused into the Chinese Philosophical framework for a complete and in-depth solution framework for either problem solving or innovation. For information about the company please click on the menu item at the top. e.g. About

This BvOtech blog contains many useful articles on corporate performance management, leadership,  innovations, creative thinking, learning organization, knowledge management, and Sinology (Ancient Chinese Wisdom).

Most of the posts are accessible to everyone. Some of the posts on I-Ching “Manage Change with I-Ching” are restricted to subscribers only.

Hope you find the posts useful and we appreciate your comments for us to learn from you.

The Winners’ Attitudes from the Art of War

Sun Zi’s Art of War is about winning. In fact, winning without a war. It begins with having the right attitudes. What are the winners’ attitudes? Here is the mind-map from a deep understanding of the Art of War.

The Winners’ Attitudes mind-map:

The Winners’ Attitudes

  • Cautious Optimism – Yes, we can achieve
    • We can win against giants
      • Anything is Possible if we know howSun Zi gives us the secrets of winning
  • Outside-In View – We adapt to the external world
    • Read the Situations – Detect, Response or Create
  • Prudence – Kiasuism – Foresee, Calculate, Decide
    • Max Net-Returns @ Min Risks
      • Win without War
    • Calculation & Evidence-based decision making. 计 – 计划,计算
    • Collect intelligence (hidden, intentions) and information
    • Kiasuism – Murphy’ Law “if Anything Can Go Wrong, It Will.”So plan for the contingencies
    • Foresee And Manage Threats First then Exploit The Opportunities
    • Win By Strategy, Alliance, With War As the Last Resort
    • Then Chose Wisely
      • Only fight the war you can win
    • Win Decisively & Quickly
  • Cool Head & Committed Heart – Agitation disables us to see, think & act rightly
    • OOAD – Observe, Orient, Decide & Act
    • Fully energized and committed to the mission
  • Never do the following:
    • Be proud but be humble and prudent to examine all factors objectively.
    • Go for fortune telling – But by evidence.
    • Hope for the best / Optimistic – But by Calculation only.
    • Go for glory – But choose to fight the defeated or easy-win foe.
    • Go for revenge – biased view and wrong goals that bring defeats.
    • Be angered which leads to irrationality and failure.
    • Care too much about his reputation can be easily provoked.
    • Be tricked or be tempted by benefits, desires, disguises, distraction, hearsays, etc.

Lim Liat (c)7-6-19

Lessons From Successful Entrepreneurs – A Combined Map

Successful entrepreneurs shared their wisdom freely. We can learn much from them. However, we need to know that their wisdom is but a subset of their own experience. If we accumulate them together using a mind-mapping software, then we can really learn much more and find wider applications. Here is the map that combined the wisdom from four articles.

Lessons From Successful Entrepreneurs:

The above mindmap is drawn using the Freeplane software.

If we carefully compile the advice from the rich, famous and successful over time. We can have a larger map like this one:

Lim Liat (c) 1 Feb 2018