Learning CPM from Andy Stanley the Pastor

If the corporate performance management(CPM) methodology is any good, it should also works in non-business or non-profit organization and even in a spiritual setting like in the church.  Andy Stanley is noted, and sometimes criticized by the churchy people, of applying business practices in running churches. But his church, North Point Community is one of the fastest growing(#26) and largest church(#3,4 depending on the reports) in the US. His management and leadership principles are taught and shared freely worldwide in the Leadership Podcast. The latest message “Better before Bigger” is great summary for the CPM methodology. It is easily summarized into  Five Words:

Growth <- Better <- Clarity <- Evaluation <- Unfiltered.

Growth comes from being Better better in serving the employees(add by me) in serving the customers. If we serve better, customers will demand and give us the resources to grow. To be better, we achieve focus and alignment for all, we need to have clarity.

Clarity of the mission and vision and how does the ‘WIN’ look like.  CPM methodology tell us to have measures and to targets for the measure.

Then come the Evaluation and review. Did we achieve our Wins to have a celebration or we need to learn and adjust our plans to achieve our goals.

Learning is only possible if everyone are honest and objective in expressing their views. The communications must be Unfiltered. Only by knowing and facing the reality, can we really learn the truth to set us free to change and move on to our higher goal.

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