The Superior Mindset of A Leader – The 4 D Model V4

The first version of the 4D Leadership Model is presented in The Superior Mindset of A Leader – The 4 Dimensional Thinking.

Here is the additional update:

The Version 4.0 Chart:

Changes: A Growth Model added.

Height: Added ‘Increasing levels of expertise” showing stages of growth.

  1. No one become a great leader at once. Leadership is developed through time. Before a leader can stand at a next higher plane than others, he must learn, starting from novice, to professional and then expert master. We grows from children, young people to parents. In the book of i-Ching, we have a 6-stage model of growth ( Learning from “I-Ching” Part 04 1-乾 Heaven – Creative Force).
  2. Length: Added – The Journey of Reaching a Predetermined Destination.
    Life is the journey. The length represents the routes we take, including the de-tours to by pass obstacles, getting lost and finding our way back, but we continue until we reach our destination.
  3. Depth: Added – Identity and Character Building and What You are Made Of
    As we grow, we discover and become more assured of our identity. We become more and more stable. We don’t sway easily nor give in to external pressure. Ancient Chinese Classics teaches us that leader develops from the inside first and then rule externally.(See Understanding The Great Learning DaXue in One Minute).
  4. Breadth: Added Inclusivity This is a word that captures the essence of Breadth – openness of the mind to welcome ideas and openness of the heart to embrace people of different diversities. It is extending of self to include others of a greater community and the environment too.
Lim Liat (C) 18 Sep 2012

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