Learning Entrepreneurship from Jack Ma

Jack Ma is the CEO of Alibaba.com, the Steve Job of China, and ranked 4th in Fortune’s the Smartest People in Tech. If you go to youtube.com and do a search on him, you can find many of his speeches. Here is one I watched in Mandarin and summarized into a mind-map in English for sharing.  Hear his advices on Venture Capital, Competitors, Picking the right people, setting policies and game rules and honoring them. Let the violation of rules be the means to fire people, and fire them fast. The reasons for failures are few. Learn them and don’t commit them. What I like best is about competitors. He said, “Have no enemy in your heart and you shall be undefeated in the world”. Enjoy the competition with your competitors. If you feel painful then it is because your strategies are wrong.

See also Jack Ma’s 4 Stages of Business Opportunity Perception.
Ma Yun on 4 Stages of Business










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