Adding Bill Gates to Steve Jobs Wisdom for Success

In the previous post Follow Your Heart – Learning from Steve Jobs’ Commencement Speech, we share Steve Jobs’ wisdom to success.

Now we add Bill Gates’ wisdom on Success to Steve’s and see if we can pick up anything thing. The sources come from Bill’s interview with Larry King Life and one from Shawn Lin. I changed Shawn’s description some what to create clearer understanding and impact.

Richard St John has a powerful and very short 3 min speech on Success on, and so I included it but I arranged it in the order that I think is better. Starting a Passion, of an Idea, to Serve people, and staying Focus on it, by Working hard, be Good at it by practice, Push ourselves and Persist until success.

Here is the mind map that captures all for your quick reference and learning one time.

Using Them as Reminders
Are you feeling that your life is going no where. Perhaps you should ask yourself about where you passion has gone? Are there things that interest you? Things that are of significance are things that serve others. They bring happiness and convenience to others. Can you think of such a thing that could cause a stir in your heart?

May be you are discouraged by the things that happened in your life. They did not turn up as you wished or expected. Even things that embarrassed you just like Steve Jobs who was fired from Apple from the very person that he brought in! What a betrayal, you may think.  But recalled Steve’s words, “It was awful tasting medicine, but the patient needed it”. It made Steve humbler, even more courageous since what else could be worse, and made him even more creative and rebuilt Apple that has now surpassed Microsoft in market value! (For the last few months, Apple market value was US$300B to Microsoft US$200B).

Don’t be discouraged, stay focus on your dream, push yourself, persist until you realize your dream and on to bigger dream.

You may need to know that while your dream need not change, your methods may need to be changed. Mission is focused but methods must be flexible and adaptable to the changing world.

You may need advices and ideas what to do at your present situation, check up my posts on the Ancient Chinese Wisdom, those on innovations and entrepreneurship, and even on corporate performance management in this blog.

Summarizing Further – Dream and Work

If you want to summarize further, then it is about a Dream of Serving People from your Heart and Working hard to accomplish it against all odds. All the best wishes for your pursue of your dream. Share your success with us.

Lim Liat copyrighted June 2011

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