Complementary Values from Chinese Zodiac Signs

In Corporation Performance Management (CPM) methodology, the first thing to do is do define the MVV which stands for Mission, Vision and Values. Mission is the identity of the business. It is the reason for its existence. It is the unique value contribution of the business. Vision is a picture, a future, of the mission through time. It is mission in explicit and clearer terms. It is how the corporation will become, look like at 5, 10 or 20 years time. The vision is the dream and set the milestones for defining the strategies. Values are the values, the character and beliefs of the corporation or accurately, the  values of the people who runs the organization. Values are not just moral values but also beliefs that are key to realizing the vision of the organization. Hence, if a business is in food, then a key value will be cleanliness or healthiness besides the moral values of integrity.  Values must be expressed, implemented and enforces in policies, procedures, incentives, hiring and firing of staff. It is best to have a published story book containing of cases of actual experience of staff and customers displaying and experiencing the values.

Complementary Values

In this post, I want to share on complementary values. Innovation is not just about creativity but also about discipline execution to convert the intangible creative new ideas into tangible products, services and business model that deliver the business value.  Boldness is best moderated by carefulness to ensure maximum success with minimum risk.

The Wisdom of Chinese Zodiac Signs

Interestingly, the Chinese Zodiac Signs expressed these complementary values. Here is a mind-map that show them:

For a more scholastic discussion on complementary values, see

Learning Innovation from Confucius Part 9 Innovate para 4 reproduced below:

Analects 17:8 子曰: 六言六蔽  Six Virtues and Six Viruses:

  1. 好『仁』不好学,其蔽也『愚』;
    Great in caring but not in learning will suffer from stupidity. (easily misled and taken advantage of)
  2. 好『知』不好学,其蔽也『荡』;
    Great in knowledge but not in learning will suffer from uncontrolled wild conduct. (too smart and do all kind of mischievous things)
  3. 好『信』不好学,其蔽也『贼』;
    Great in trusting and not in learning will suffer from theft. (Being cheated).
  4. 好『直』不好学,其蔽也『绞』;
    Great in forthrightness and not in learning will suffer from hurting people
  5. 好『勇』不好学,其蔽也『乱』;
    Great in courage but not in learning will suffer from creating a big mess.
  6. 好『刚』不好学,其蔽也『狂』。
    Great in strength and not in learning will suffer from violent acts.

Learning The Universal Principle of Rightly Balanced (Doctrine of Mean or Pivot), or Understanding The Doctrine of the Mean in One Minute.

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