East West Fusion Mindset as a Key and as Simple as ABC

The East and West mindset can be integrated and represented as a Key with the round base representing Eastern/Chinese circular mindset and the straight grooved pin as the Western linear and detailed mindset. The application of the fusion mindset is as simple as ABC represented using computer language statements of assignment, If-the-else and looping construct. The details of ABC can be found in my blog posts.

The East-West Key
After much study, comparisons and reflections on the Eastern/Chinese and Western(trained in high schools, university, post graduate, consultants, management books, HBRs etc etc) , I think both can be integrated into a key, represented by a physical door-key. The rounded based representing the circular, cyclical Chinese mindset, with Yin-Yang balance and harmony as objective and the pin with groves representing the linear, sequential, and detailed task oriented mindset of the West.  Here is the picture with greater details:

Fusion mindset calls neither East or West alone thinking but both, applying them in different degree, depending on the situations and the players, to achieve the right result by thanking the right action at the right time and place.  We should also be aware that the ‘right result’ is a dynamic balance of among multiple forces. The balance will and have to shift through time as situations change.

The Application of Fusion Mindset is as Simple as ABC:
Using the computer language as a means of representation, the following picture show this Fusion Wisdom can be applied:

If you have only one take away, just remember the IF statement:

IF then DO A else DO B.

All the very best to your business and career.

Lim Liat (C) 13 May 2013

2 thoughts on “East West Fusion Mindset as a Key and as Simple as ABC

  1. I disagree about point (6). It is vice-versa: West is people oriented: Western culture put too much emphasis on personality, self-esteem and personal success, while in Eastern world, the task which is assigned to each person from birth and forward has a role to fulfill into the society. People live in order to make honor to the responsibility of the task which has to be completed.

  2. Consider this https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/01446190600632573?journalCode=rcme20
    Quote:Cross‐cultural leadership research has predicted that the Chinese are perceived as people‐oriented and prefer a high‐context power relationship, whereas Westerners are perceived as task‐oriented and prefer a low‐context power relationship.
    And this: https://www.watershedassociates.com/learning-center-item/task-orientation-vs-relationship-orientation.html
    Quote: In task-oriented cultures, such as Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, and the U.S., the primary means of achieving one’s goals is through skillfully managing tasks and time. A “good” or successful person is one who “gets the job done” efficiently. …Relationship-oriented cultures organize goal achievement somewhat differently. These include most of Latin America, eastern and southern Europe, Africa and the Middle East, and nearly all of Asia.”

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