I-Ching Re-Classified – The Faster way to Consult

I-Ching contains 64 hexagrams representing 64 situations. It is difficult for the beginner to figure out which one to apply. I have tried to address this difficulty with various approaches in the following posts:

Below is my re-classification into 2 main groupings and 12 subgroups. The first key group is about the founding principles of Leadership, Management/Control, and Relationship-Building. The 2nd grouping is a life cycle of 9 phases of development from starting to transformation. Here is the mind-map:

The Foundational Principles of Lives and Influence
The Life-Cycle of Growth & Decay & Transformation
  1. Start – Take Action
  2. Develop
  3. Wait for the Right Time
  4. Overcome Obstacle
  5. Grow
  6. Arrive at Abundance
  7. Joy of Sharing
  8. Decline/Decay
  9. Transform to New Cycle

Lim Liat (C) 4 Jan 2012

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