Learning from “Confessions of a Serial Entrepreneur”

Attended the SMU IIE Distinguished Speaker Talk “Confessions of a Serial Entrepreneur”  by Dr Bala S. Manian, Founder of ReaMatrix, Entrepreneur, Innovator, Investor and Mentor, Member of Silicon Valley Entrepreneurial Community.

Here is my learning from the talk, reorganized in the way I see them and presented in a mind-map format.  One of the key point learn is about “learning how to learn is more important than the content”.

Please note that the mind map is my learning of what I heard and is colored by my own interpretation. It is not exactly the same as the talk given by Dr Bala.

I think it is an excellent talk that we call can benefit from. I would say that most of the points are covered well in the recent books that come out.  But it is always good to attend a live talk.

See also Learning Entrepreneurship from Jack Ma and Entrepreneur Leadership – Kingdom Principles in Business.

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