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Corporate Performance Management 

A unified Corporate Performance Management Framework integrated from the proven and best management thought leaders are used as the guide to develop the blueprint to guide senior management and staff to achieve sustainable performance and growth over the short and long term.

A special five-session engagement with the Top-3 technique with the senior management and selected staff will enable a blueprint to be developed.

The major work completed are

(1) The purpose of Significance: refinement of mission, visions, and values.

(2) The design of Strategies.

(3) Operationalized Strategies for Execution. The Cause-Effect Linkage Map covering multiple views of financial, customer value, processes, job-role and skill-sets, organization structure and culture, staff development.

(4) The setting of Measures and Targets.

(5) Allocation ownership and responsibilities.

After the Blueprint developed, the consultant can help in developing the strategic initiative and projects to achieve the targets. He can also help in conducting periodic review of progress. The key not to do a one-time exercise but to ensure the blueprint is a live document that is used to monitor progress and is updated to handle the new changes. A continued sensing, learning and adapting guided by a Unified Corporate Performance Framework is an assurance to succeed.

Innovation and Innovative Thinking Skills & Innovation Management  

Working under an Innovation Management Framework, and equipping the client the BVITS innovative Thinking Skill, using mapping tools and ideas generating tools and supported by knowledge bases, the consulting enables the client to come out with new innovative offerings, projects, or suggestion schemes that really work and creating an innovative culture.

Strategic Human Capital Management

The most important factor in any organization is the People. It is the people that come out with the ideas and the skills to execute the tasks to build the products and provide the services. People should not be taken as a resource to be consumed but as a capital that appreciates with time. A professional HR manager should not just take the back seat of reactive to the demands of business but pro-actively participate in forming the strategies, determine the right capabilities and talents needed and have a total framework for increasing of human capital of an organization. A strategic human capital audit can be done to determine the maturity level and the areas for improvements.


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