Sources of Ideas

Where can we get new ideas ?

1. let our staff tell us … suggestion schemes.
2. let our customers tell us… customer interview, enhancement request submission, …
3. let our suppliers tell us… join suppliers’ program….
4. let out competitors tell us… this is painful but needful
5. let the industry tell us… join the association …
6. let our consultants tell us… engage them …
7. let the media tell us…
8. look across industry and see….
9. extend the above sources further, customers’ customers, suppliers’ supplier, staff family, going further upstream or going further downstream, …

But, where will Break Through idea comes from ?
Can customers tell you products that do not exist at all?
How can we be truly innovative and have break through reuslt… attracting new customers… and with today’s technology…. no bleeding-edge pains….

Here are some other good sources…

1. Job Completion Theory from Clayton M. Christensen’s, “Theories of Innovations” in See What’s Next“. Create a product that enables the Task to be completed more effectively, easier and less costly. The value is in the saving and effectiveness and efficiency obtained in applying the new product to the task.

2. Value Innovation or Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim, Renée Mauborgne. Highly recommended for innovation in business.

3. TRIZ, SIT, ASIT. TRIZ is effective but quite complicated for beginners. Suggest ASIT and SIT. They have distilled the meat of TRIZ into 1-2 principles and 5 (for SIT) and 6 (for ASIT) tools.

4. Think Like a Genius…A collection of 31 thinking metaphorm(or patterns) to stimulate creative ideas… Connect+Discover+Invent+Apply four steps for innovation. It is a bit too many for a person to fully grasp all and apply them effectively. Perhaps can be tried after the methods 1-3 still does not yield any result.

I will cover the topics above in greater details in subsequent postings.

2 thoughts on “Sources of Ideas

  1. Thanks for the invaluable insights once again Da Ge…
    you be blessed…i am also learning to apply what i’ve learnt here at work….
    PTL! 🙂

  2. I love your website. It has a lot of great pictures and is very informative.

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