Innovation Math & BVITS Tips

In designing BVITS, I have been careful in using arithmetic and other mathematical symbols to present the operators so that user can easily recall the operators. This is needful when does not have the computer with us. (you can capture the BVITS overview picture for the your Phone or PDA) So BVITS can also be known as Innovation Arithmetic or Innovation Mathematics or Innovation Math for short. 

In the Context Principle: We have the ‘Relate’ to the Environment operator with ßŕ.

The Symbol Operators are:

          - take out

            + combine

            x multiply

            / divide

            ζ irregularize



            ~ invert


            v drop-in

The Purpose BVITS Spiral

The purpose of a system limits its uses. The higher one goes, the greater the scope of application. The BVITS Spiral shown below help one to question the current purpose and brings one view point to higher level.  



The BVITS Cross is a visual aids for the Context Principle as well as the outsource ŕ and adopt operators. It brings out the Interfaces between the System and its Environment. This interface can move out into the environment to adopt more of the uses or components of the environment into the System or it can be move in to Outsource ŕ the System’s components to the objects in the Environment. The interface need not be a straight line. It can be a zig-zag where components (in Systems) and objects ( in Environment) are interchanged concurrently. Often, the Interface itself can be the object of improvement. Many systems failed simply because the interface to the human is badly designed. Difficult to use system failed in the Human Machine Interface.